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Co-founded by philanthropist and venture capitalist Henry Hewes, Hewes Pictures LLC is the only active short film sales agency in the United States. A premiere, international sales company, the label acquires and places select, award-winning short form content on broadcast TV, working in partnership with cable television providers including Verizon Fios, Dish TV, Direct TV, Frontier Communications, and many others. Hewes Pictures continues to represent films in multiple genres, many of which were directed by renown directors and star name talent. 

Passionate about the art of short form storytelling, the company’s mission is to extend the life of quality short films, that until recently, have been regulated to playing film festivals and being streamed for free online. While this free-for-all, online release makes sense for certain filmmakers, other long-term thinking filmmakers are building track records by creating films that receive television distribution, in an effort to launch their next films. Some filmmakers have successfully leveraged their short film’s TV release by using it to fund-raise their next film efforts with investors, studios, etc.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

*We are a sales agency, not a sales rep. A sales rep typically will charge a filmmaker an up front fee for their services. WE DO NOT CHARGE ANY UP FRONT FEES FOR OUR SERVICES. We represent your short film to our TV partners. If we are not able to place your film on the air, then we the sales agency don’t get paid anything, and neither do you, the filmmaker.

*Typical fees that TV stations pay will vary. Some pay filmmakers as low as $20 per minute, others will pay up to $1000 per minute. It all depends on the station, as each platforms' content needs and licensing fees are different.

*Like most short film agencies we do not offer upfront advances, as we cannot guarantee that stations will chose to place your film on the air.

*Please do not confuse us with a typical distribution company. We focus primarily on broadcast TV. You keep the rights to sell your film yourself both on TV, as well as on any streaming sites of your choice, and you keep the rights to continue to screen your film at any film festivals of your choice. Our only mandate is that after signing with us the film is not available online for free.

*If you do not have written permission for every piece of music, every clip of footage/images used, every image in your poster/artwork, and all clearances from actors who appear in your film, you will not be eligible for a deal from Hewes Pictures or any of our television contacts to air your film.

*Although Hewes Pictures is primarily a short film agency, the company has launched a feature film branch for representation of feature films, with select films to include theatrical releases.

Hewes Pictures’ headquarters is located at 515 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10022.

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